2020 Toyota CH-R

2020 Toyota CH-R

There are many reasons for expecting 2020 Toyota CH-R that is our first impression. The manufacturer has shown many teasers and rumors about this version and showed many versions of Auto Shows by now, so many things we already predicted or expected even before this model was shown. However, it is a great updated version of very popular family SUV, which has many things adjusted to long traveling and everyday driving to work. According to all we saw, it should be the same popular SUV vehicle as before, with many improvements and interesting upgrades.


2020 Toyota CH-R auto show

The shape and design of the 2020 Toyota CH-R are not much changed from the last model, remaining similarities with Ford Kuga, but there are few attractive things worth mentioning. At first glance, the car has many new curves and lines, with a spoiler on the rear window and rounded soft edged front end. However, the recognizable trapezoidal front end has new chromatic wide part with mesh air intake below it and newly designed front lights with wide LED line on the bottom instead of daily lights. The rear end is curved and rounded, with many additions and decoration on truck door, and modernized rear lights.


2020 Toyota CH-R interior

The cabin in 2020 Toyota CH-R comes with great equipment and few improvements from the last model. Those are things like navigation, advanced cruise control, blind-spot monitors, updates auto brakes and more. The cabin should not be much changed in design from the last model. That means that it has the same wide shape with adjustable seats and wide space for the passengers and driver’s legs. The wide dashboard has great design and shape as letter V, so the center cluster with a large touchscreen is even more available to the driver and has many buttons reachable during driving. The cabin is wrapped in leather and quality plastic.


The engine in 2020 Toyota CH-R is simple and acceptable for the daily usage. It is 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produces 150 horsepower. The other versions could have a 1.8-liter petrol engine but it will come in combination with the hybrid unit. This combination, however, comes 122 horsepower of strength. Both engines should be combined with the six-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Toyota CH-R back

2020 Toyota CH-R Release Date and Price

All details about 2020 Toyota CH-R should be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show or somewhere else but the first model will surely be offered to markets in North America. The price of the model should be around $20,000 which could be even higher than $30,000 with all equipment. Expect the final version at the end of 2019 in auto saloons.


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