2020 Tesla Model Y – electric crossover


Famous for its series of electric cars, it seems that Tesla is planning to add another member in the near future. It will be the new 2020 Model Y. It has been said that this model will be built on a new platform and sport all the next-generation features of luxury SUVs.


Some experts and Tesla fans would probably find resemblance between the new Model Y and the current Model X. However, the 2020 Model Y appears smaller, with shorter front and rear end. The roofline, on the other hand, will be higher-positioned which provides more headroom inside this electric vehicle. You will probably get the impression that the Model Y looks wider and up front, you will notice that the front wheel arches have got muscular design. The front windshield also resembles the Model X’s. As we have already mentioned in the intro, this car will be built on the new platform, which means that it will get new chassis and exterior styling. If the rumors are being true, you can also hope for the same Falcon doors as the ones we have found on the Model X. It is also believed that the side view cameras will totally replace the side view mirrors.


It is perhaps still too early to talk about the interior of the 2020 Tesla Model Y and it is quite a mystery what it would look like, although it has been generally believed that it will largely rely on many features found inside the Model X and Model 3. Inside the Model Y cabin, you can definitely expect that this car will follow the latest hi-tech demands of the market and prove itself a good choice in terms of the next-generation electric SUVs. The modern and simplified dashboard will provide a center console with a large tablet-like screen. The screen will be used as an instrument cluster and it will also offer the latest infotainment system. The front seats once again resemble the ones inside the Model 3 while the rear seats are expected to perfectly accommodate three passengers and have the ability to fold flat, so that you can get more trunk space.


As you already know, the 2020 Tesla Model Y will come as an electrically-powered vehicle, but it will undergo some changes in terms of powertrain and will not use anything you have seen on Model S and Model X. Namely, the battery pack will probably have the capacity of 75 kWh, but this information also has not been confirmed. The Model Y is expected to take around 6 seconds to hit 60 mph and the estimated top speed should be around 130 mph.

2020 Tesla Model Y Release Date and Price

The 2020 Model Y should belong to affordable category as it was the case with the Model 3. The new Tesla is expected to start around $40,000 before options and probably appear by the end of 2019.


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