2020 Ford Fusion

2020 Ford Fusion

There are a lot of rumors about 2020 Ford Fusion. Starting from the claiming that it will be fully redesigned for the next year, to the information that it will be removed in years to come, so this is actually the last model in the line. We still do not know if any of these is true, but let us say that Fusion still exists.


  • The model is attractive and acceptable modernized from the last year model.
  • Engines that come in this car are strong and economic.


  • There are no changes in the cabin and equipment.
  • The car has a small trunk and cargo space, even the cabin is slightly wider.


2020 Ford Fusion side

There are no many changes in the recognizable design of the 2020 Ford Fusion. It could be slightly longer than before or sharpen front end looks like longer. However, the overall look has not been much changed, so we will see rounded rear end, with a short trunk and little-redesigned taillights.


2020 Ford Fusion interior

The manufacturer has made only a few improvements in the cabin, including upgraded technology and new equipment. The cabin is perfectly fit for five passengers, but not that much wide and roomy for all of them. However, the equipment could be a little better. We can say that the Honda Accord has slightly better technology for this class.


The manufacturer has not to risk too much with the engines in 2020 Ford Fusion. They offer two proven and acceptably strong engines for this model. The engine line starts from 1.5-liter four-in-line, continues with 2.0-liter, 2.5-liter, and 2.7-liter which will be used in sports model. All of them are petrol units, and produce the strength from 175 horsepower to 325 horsepower.

Transmission is six-speed automatic one and cars come as front wheel driving models. Although great for the car in this class, the fuel economy is not that good as in Toyota Camry.

2020 Ford Fusion front

2020 Ford Fusion Release Date and Price

Whatever the information about 2020 Ford Fusion says, fans and buyers were disappointed with the information that this model will be removed from the market next year. We cannot confirm or deny that information. On the other hand, the model has a bad period in the past, so it is more than expected that they will change something.

As Motor1 says, dealers in the US have more than 10,000 units in stocks, so is hard to plan something new in that situation. Its European brother, Focus, has also been removed for a while. The manufacturer has not said anything about this, though.

They confirmed that they have made the model for this year and they will work on improvements for the future. So, we should except models in the future, too. About this Fusion, it will have almost the same price as before, meaning $22,000 for the base model, and almost $45,000 for the model with equipment.

You might say it is a high price for this car, but do not forget that it is among the most wanted cars in the past decade.


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