2020 Ford Fiesta ST

2020 Ford Fiesta ST

2020 Ford Fiesta ST surely comes this year. We concluded that after the last test driving where this model was driven without camouflage. Now we were able to see how it looks like, but also what the manufacturer has changed for the future models.


  • The model is sportier and looks more attractive than the last model.
  • There is an acceptably strong engine under the hood.


  • The model is sportier and looks more attractive than the last model.
  • There is an acceptably strong engine under the hood.


2020 Ford Fiesta ST models

There are actually no much changes in 2020 Ford Fiesta ST from the last model. The only we could see is a new sportier design, which will make a distinction from the Volkswagen Golf STI as the main competitor. However, the overall look should be the same, with the short front end and rounded rear end, the egg-like shape of the chassis and low roof.

The rear end looks sportier, with aluminum exhausts and spoiler on the rear window.


2020 Ford Fiesta ST interior

It is not expected that the cabin in 2020 Ford Fiesta ST will be much changed from the last year model. The only that we expect is sportier design and nothing more. It will surely have improved dashboard with new commands, like additional knobs and dials.

However, there will be more luxury cabin with heavily bolstered front seats and leather-bound steering wheel, along with polished aluminum pedals. However, there will be offered a lower version of this.


There is no clear information about the engines that will be found under the hood of 2020 Ford Fiesta ST. The most likely model should be 2.3-liter four-cylinder petrol model that is already used in similar models, like Mustang’s cars. It should be capable of producing 275 horsepower of strength.

However, there is another version, 1.5-liter petrol engine, that is commonly used in Ford cars. This is not that strong as the previous one, but it will be known to low CO2 emissions and high fuel economy rate. Let us be honest and say that Fiesta’s drivers mostly buy cars with these types of engines.

However, as one of the main improvements are adjustable dampers which will let you choose between soft and firm settings along with the also adjustable limited-slip differential which will help you to crawl out of bends very quickly.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Release Date and Price

If you are one of the 2020 Ford Fiesta ST fans, you will be thrilled by the information that new model should be shown in Geneva Auto Show in March. The starting price is expected to be around $25,000, but expect higher numbers for the models with extra added equipment.

Even though the model has no many competitors, it will be interesting to see how hard it struggles to win the hearts of the buyers that have never driven this type of car.


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