2020 Buick Grand National

2020 Buick Grand National

2020 Buick Grand National is one of the cars that ways waited for a long time. The reason is great expectations that buyers usually have when cars from this manufacturer are about. However, Grand National has been announced so many times in the past few years, that some of us lost their patience. Luckily, the new large sedan called National is here with few changes but also with famous features.


2020 Buick Grand National rear

2020 Buick Grand National has remained all interesting and attractive things. That includes a large squared grille with large irregularly shaped lights. Those features come along with the great size of the car and curved lines and decoration on the sides of the car. Along with the models made in Buick, the car looks like Cadillac ATS, which is its main competitor. However, one of the great ambitions of the manufacturer is to make large and massive luxury car, with aerodynamics design of the front end and large wheels in order to make the car higher and bigger. The rear end is maybe too short for the sedan, but still very attractive and modern.


2020 Buick Grand National interior

We always expect great luxury cabin inside of Buick cars, and that should be the case with 2020 Buick Grand National, too. The cabin should be wide and spacious, with great additions for the passengers’ enjoyment. That includes great air condition with the special cooling system, high-technology and numerous additions in term of safety. The seats are covered with thick quality leather and the cabin is made in black color. All are used in order to provide luxury and attractiveness.


2020 Buick Grand National engine

The engine in 2020 Buick Grand National must be as powerful as economical, in order to follow all market demands nowadays. The manufacturer has not said which engine will be placed under the hood of this car, but we expect that it should be a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo model as the most likely option. It produces 260 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. The model should be paired with eight-speed or six-speed automatic transmission. This engine proved its great performances before since GM has used it in other large sedans.

2020 Buick Grand National Release Date and Price

Even though the manufacturer has not clearly précised when to expect 200 Buick Grand National, it is for sure that it will be on the market very soon. The price of the last models was in the price range from $20,000 to $50,000 and that should not be much changed. The final model will be more attractive, but with the same features that buyers loved before.


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