2020 BMW i8

2020 BMW i8

2020 BMW i8 could be a mid-cycle refreshment after the years of domination on the market of sports electric cars market. However, it is not confirmed by the manufacturer itself, so the year of releasing the model could be questionable. We took 2020 as the year when the world can be pleased with the improvements in the engine and design, with questionable upgrades in cabin size and equipment. Do not forget that this model has been showed for the first time in 2014. Not only that happened a long time ago, but it came as ending of the long decade of doubting and experimenting with the model. The first clue of it was showed in 2000, then manufacturer offered few versions of it with the different electric engine, so few versions have been shown in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Now, when the smaller Spyder version was shown in LA Auto Show in 2017, this is the right time to see something new in this class, too.


  • The model has a great design.
  • The engine could be much improved.


  • We are not sure in the cabin design and equipment.
  • The model is still on the drawing table.


2020 BMW i8 side

Designers in BMW was not much talkative about the changes in the design of the 2020 BMW i8. As they said, there are expected changes in design, since Tesla Model S was changed appearance in past few years. It is more than obvious that the manufacturer will go with the lightweight materials for better speed and driving performances. For the same reasons they should design the model so it should be aerodynamic and modern. It could have the same short rear end and needed additions on the rear end for stability. That is all we know so far.


2020 BMW i8 interior

It is hard to predict how the cabin in 2020 BMW i8 could look like in the future. The model is made to be driven on races, so the cabin should not be as comfortable as on luxury sedans. On the other hand, it is BMW! It must be modern and elegant, as much as possible.


The engine is actually the most interesting change and surely one of the most questionable in 2020 BMW i8. The designers announced that they consider two possible scenarios. The first one is a plug-in hybrid with carbon fiber for chassis, while the second option is a fully electric car. It should be a great improvement from the old model, and surely one of the first that versions in electric cars. Even the Honda NSX has a combination of petrol and electric unit.

2020 BMW i8 rear

2020 BMW i8 Release Date and Price

The 2020 BMW i8 should not be a much expensive supercar since the announced price does not go higher than $100,000. All of these sounds great, but only if the model really come to the market next year.


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