2020 Audi R10

2020 Audi R10

2020 Audi R10 is perhaps the most wanted model for the years to come, but actually, the model that is the most susceptible to doubt that it will be made at all. According to rumors, Audi plans to make something like this for years to come, on the other hand, we have any confirmation of it. It could be a limited-version model, too.


  • The model has a great design.
  • There is a completely new diesel engine.


  • Poor and simple cabin.
  • We are not sure if it will exist.


2020 Audi R10 side

We would be happy to see everything that manufacturer clued for the possible 2020 Audi R10, that is for sure! There are a few important changes in chassis and design of the car that supports the idea that it would be a collector model for fans. With lightweight materials, the manufacturer ensures speed and stability. On the other hand, there are very important rear winds and spoiler, as on R8 supercar that is the model for this car. However, do not expect similarities with the Porsche 911 Carrera, even though it is the main competitor.


It is not wondered that Audi’s engineers made a classic racing-car cabin, with the bare-bones layout. The speed and better increasing time are obviously provided with saving the weight whenever are possible, and that is visible in the cabin though. It is not much equipped and there are only needed things for a racing car. However, the cabin is modernly designed and has important helpers and equipment for racing and fast speed.


2020 Audi R10 engine

If you are looking for a reason to believe in 2020 Audi R10 it would be the impressive engine that could be found in that car. According to the manufacturer, it should be a 5.5-liter V12 diesel twin-turbo engine that produces 650 horsepower of strength. not only that this is one of the rarest engines that could be used in racing cars, but the increasing time of the model is magnificent. It should increase the time of 60 mph for 4.5 seconds. This is actually not much different from the engine that is in the current model but has few improvements. It is much different from Mazda MX-5, for example.

2020 Audi R10 Release Date and Price

It is not easy to say something about the price of 2020 Audi R10 since nobody actually knows if that model is a reality of just an image in one designer’s head. However, the price, if this model comes to the market, should not be lower than $70,000. If predictions are true, it could come in some kind of limited version for faithful fans and collectors only. In that case count on the much higher price, thus. According to all we saw, the year 2019 could be very interesting.


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