2019 Toyota Hilux


2019 Toyota Hilux is a new version of the very popular small truck, redesigned in order to be more attractive and competitive. Even though Hilux has been popular with US, this time it will be made for the market outside of the US, which is different and has some different demands than Americans. To fulfill those demands Toyota changed the exterior design, interior equipment and look and improved engine to be more trustworthy and has better performances. However, Hilux has always been interesting to buyers because of its great small design, and attractive details.


Known to small proportions well combined with modern details, Hilux has always been attractive for those who are not interested in large aggressive machines and more like small trucks. This time it is much better combined with attractive and modern details. The recognizable front end has massive chromatic grids rounded with chromatic frame and large LED lights on the sides. Below them is wide air intake rounded with black plastic and rounded fog lights on the sides. There is also air intake in the middle of the curved hood, not usual on trucks. The rear end is simple with flat truck door and modern taillights.


There is great designed interior inside of 2019 Toyota Hilux as always, this time improved and even modernizer. Toyota is known to many high-tech devices and they are present in this model, too. Besides the hands and ports of laptop and cell phone, there is great audio and sound system together with a large touchscreen and improved cabin features. The cabin is modernly designed, with black leather on the dashboard and seats in combination with quality fabric and chromatic details. Even though buttons looks a little old-fashioned and classic, their usage and layout are much prettier than on many trucks on the market.


Not only that the engine in 2019 Toyota Hilux is practical and trustworthy, with great numbers in terms of fuel consumption, it is also an eco-friendly model, with much lower fuel emission than on other trucks on the market. However, there is 3.0-liter turbo engine with 170 horsepower of strength, paired with the five-speed automatic transmission. It is improved this time for better performances, but also got special Unnatural Knowledge System made in Toyota.

2019 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

With all interesting details and changes, 2019 Toyota Hilux will be very attractive to buyers. The price of only $45,000 which is planned to be for the base model is even more interesting for future buyers, so we expect high selling numbers for this cute small truck.


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