2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

When the manufacturer announced that new hybrid crossover is on the road, we could not imagine that it will look like 2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid. However, it seems that exactly model like this could represent a great combination of the sportiness and green engine like Harrier has. It is improved and slightly redesigned from the last model, but only in order to be practical and attractive.


2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid auto show

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid is a slightly smaller SUV than before, but mostly because of changed shape of the car. It is now more like sports cars, with a wide rhomboidal mesh grille and thin narrowed front lights. The Toyota Harrier rear end is crossover-like but still crumbed with new curves and lines and modernized wide rear lights on the sides of the trunk door. There are also additions on the bottom of the bumper and thin spoiler on the rear window, both well incorporated in shape of the car. Looking to exterior Harrier looks much like Lexus RX.


We already said that 2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid is smaller this time and that affected the size of the cabin, but that does not mean that the cabin is tight or low. As the matter of fact, the manufacturer exchanged its size for comfort, roominess, and elegance. Thanks to the leather on the seats and high-quality materials on the dashboard and doors it looks futuristic and luxury. On wide dashboard stands large 8-inch touchscreen with the improved infotainment system, dual-zone climate control, a navigation system, and a sound system, much better than in Ford Escape. There are airbags on the doors and seats, cruise control, parking sensors and a rearview camera, for driver’s safety and easily controlling of the car.

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid front


Being a hybrid, 2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid should offer a perfect combination of petrol engine and an electric motor, which both send a power for less fuel consumption. The manufacturer thought that they achieved that combination with 2.5-liter petrol unit and an electric engine which both produce 197 horsepower of strength. They also predicted that the engine will make the best power in combination with the six-speed automatic transmission, or optional eight-speed automatic one.

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid back

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid Release Date and Price

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid will be on the market before the end of 2018. Knowing the manufacturer’s habits and business plans, it should be released at fall this year. The starting price of this car is around $45,000 and with all equipment that price could be higher, up to $70,000. The average buyer of this vehicle is the one who likes large crossovers, but with sports details and appearance and interested in environmental protection. Just one of them who would easily buy Honda CR-V, Volkswagen Tiguan, Mazda CX5, and Nissan X-Trail as well.


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