2019 Toyota Corolla


2019 Toyota Corolla is the long waited 12th generation of Corolla model on the market since the 11th generation has been released in 2014 and nothing changed in this car since that. According to spy photos made during test driving, we should expect many changes in this version, but most of them are not finalized yet since the car is still on mule stage. As we have heard, we should expect changes in the design of the car, even though we were not able to see them on spy photos and changes in engine performances.


There are many visible changes on new 2019 Toyota Corolla on spy photos. Firstly we know that it will be made on new TNGA modular platform as new Prius, Camry, and CH-R as well. In terms of design, there are redesigned front end, unfortunately, covered on test driving, but visibly larger and massiveness. It is obviously longer car, with the modernly shaped rear end and new lights. We also know that new car will have a lower center of gravity which should increase stability and control during fast driving. The manufacturer promises much better handling at higher speeds than before.


There is no clear information about the cabin equipment in 2019 Toyota Corolla, but it is expected that it will be modernized and better positioned as on every new Toyota last year. We were not being able to see it in spy photos, though.


There are many rumors about the engine in 2019 Toyota Corolla as we have reasons to believe them and expect many changes in engine strength and performances. Although experts expect a whole line of four-in-line engines in new Toyota’s that will be introduced this year, it is still early to know which version will exactly be placed into new Corolla. However, as the manufacturer replaced all six-speed and CVT automatic transmissions in new Toyotas last year, we should expect the same changes in new Corolla, too.

2019 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Price

2019 Toyota Corolla was firstly announced in Japan early last year, but we will wait for the final model until the end of 2018. Even this version is not final and the manufacturer will change few things before the new Corolla is finished. But, you should be patient since the manufacturer promised many surprises and modern details on them. The new model should be offered together with new Corolla hatchback, which will replace the old Corolla iM version for US market. Competitors: Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Subaru Impreza, 2019 Ford Focus RS.


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