2019 Toyota Celica


2019 Toyota Celica is one of the models that rumors placed on the top of the novelties for next year. After the production of these models stopped in 2005 nothing has been said from Toyota about the backing of Celica on the market again. However, when FT1 has been announced last year and Supra after that, there were some claims that we should expect new Celica, too. If those rumors are true, we can say that new Celica will be as much attractive and interesting for buyers as the old model, but this time with many new details and improvements.


There are many changes in the design of 2019 Toyota Celica worthy of mentioning. The front end of the car has wide mesh grille with a long and curved hood over it and modernly designed thin LED front lights on the sides of the front bumper. The rear end is sporty short and rounded, with modern taillights and curved truck door with few lines as a decoration. The car is lowered to the low positioned bottom of the car and wide and large tires provide stability but also better control at higher speeds, in combination with the impressive sporty look.


Interior in 2019 Toyota Celica is as much comfortable as on the last model, but with many improvements and changes in terms of equipment and technology. Besides the highly modernized infotainment and entertainment system, like Bluetooth connectivity, audio, and sound system as well as USB ports, there should be found thing like seat heating, for example. It is planned to have leather upholstery with higher trims, too.


2019 Toyota Celica, as old model, is planned to be a sporty car with a strong and fast engine. According to rumors and expectations, it could be a 1.8-liter four-cylinder unit, as on the last model, with 145 horsepower that could grow to 185 in higher trims. There are high chances that manufacturer could offer a combination with an electric powertrain, too. However, some rumors claim that the manufacturer is willing to offer a stronger engine in higher trims, with 250 horsepower or even 300, which puts this model on the shelf with crossovers.

2019 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

Even though we are not sure in many things about new 2019 Toyota Celica, if our expectations are true we should expect this model at the end of the year for the base price of at least $25,000. Not only that it will be a sporty fast car, it should have all safety equipment that modern sporty cars in the high class have.


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