2019 Toyota Auris

2019 Toyota Auris

2019 Toyota Auris has fully redesigned the third generation of very popular small car. Thanks to few changes it is even more attractive and interesting to younger buyers, but with upgraded in engine and shape, it could be much better in driving. There will be another version for the US called Corolla iM, which is basically the same vehicle but with few differences made for the specific market there. Being a small-wagon vehicle, it is a great option for daily city driving.


2019 Toyota Auris review

Looking from the outside, 2019 Toyota Auris is not only attractive, but very functional and practical vehicle. There are similarities with other small vehicles from Toyota, like Camry, but Auris represents the modern and highly attractive unique vehicle. The front end is wide with a large mesh grille and very thin, hood incorporated lights framed with LED line instead of daily light. Below them are two small rounded fog lights. The rear end is simple but functional, with two thin rear lights and few curves as a decoration on the truck door. The new Auris is slightly larger than before and has better weight distribution, allowing stability in driving.


2019 Toyota Auris interior

The design of the cabin is the only thing we are not sure about in new 2019 Toyota Auris. For some reason the manufacturer has not shared it yet, implying that there will not be much changed from the last model and from Toyota Camry. In that case, the cabin should have amazingly shaped and designed dashboard with large center cluster and wide chromatic line in the middle to separate front seats.


2019 Toyota Auris should have two engines as optional, with a possible hybrid version that is not known for sure how it looks like. The base model is equipped with 1.2-liter petrol unit that produces 120 horsepower which is the same strength of 1.8-liter petrol unit, too. However, there is a stronger 2.0-liter model with 150 horsepower of strength. Thanks to lower center of gravity and lifted suspension it is rigid in driving but more stable, allowing easy control in every terrain.

2019 Toyota Auris back

2019 Toyota Auris Release Date and Price

2019 Toyota Auris should be finally introduced at fall when selling starts, and then we will know how the interior looks like and perhaps some other small changes. The price will be around $15,000 to $25,000 with full equipment which puts this model on the shelf with Volkswagen Golf, and Ford Focus RS. However, Toyota Auris is much more attractive and modern, which should be its main advantage next year.


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