2019 Land Rover Discovery 5

2019 Land Rover Discovery 5

2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 represents the fifth generation of the model since the first model was shown in 1989 and surely a huge change in design from that first model. It actually should be the main change from that first model, according to designer Massimo Frascella, because the manufacturer is planned to make the turn from old and boring boxy vehicles and make it soft, rounded and more attractive. There should be a slight change in engine, but the accent is on design this time.
2019 Land Rover Discovery 5


As we said, 2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 is redesigned and changed from the last one, and now looks like other redesigned models from this manufacturer. That includes rounded front end, wide and modern LED front lights and recognizable mesh grille. Below them is wide air intake and metallic protection, which allows driving on every type of terrain. The rear end remains similarities with the old model, including flat truck door, but again with soft edges and only a few lines as a decoration.
2019 Land Rover Discovery 5


Inside of 2019, Land Rover Discovery 5 is modernized and more attractive with many new details and devices, but equipment is improved only for higher trims, so you will be able to choose many modernized and improved devices like navigation system, cruise control and many more. However, the cabin is very comfortable, with largely adjustable seats and large cargo space. There will be offered many different materials depending on trim versions like leather, quality fabric and plastic and chromatic details.


Even though the manufacturer announced that 2019 Land Rover Discovery will be changed mostly in design, the engine has undergone many interesting changes, too. There should be offered strong 3.5-liter V6 engine with increasing time of 6 seconds for the speed of 60 mph, but even with that, it is not much stronger or faster than the competition has. However, the eight-speed automatic transmission should be a great addition to this strong engine.
2019 Land Rover Discovery 5

2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 Price

As we saw on photos and from descriptions, 2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 is one of the most attractive and interesting soft edged SUV for the next year, significantly improved in design and equipment, and very approachable for all generations of buyers. However, it is more than recommended due to the price of only $51,000 for the base model which grows to $75,000 in higher trims. If you are interested in you should be patient to the end of the year when first models will be on the market.


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