2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option

2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option

When the second generation of Raptor came, the manufacturer announced that we should expect something new in the engine as 2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option version. That means that engine in the current version of Raptor could be changed, as well as transmission and size of the engine. So, instead of (or along with) the current 6.2-liter V10, there could be found another version as a 7.0-liter V8 model. That also could be an addition to the whole new line of the hybrid engines that Toyota announced as 2020 generation of the trucks.


2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option performance

2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option remains the same design, at least in the shape and size of the track. It has very aggressive and muscular design, with the wide metallic protection on the bottom and large gridded grille that carries large logo in the middle. Aside from it are two large lights framed in LED line instead of classic daily lights. The rear end has flat trunk door and thin rear lights, as before. The manufacturer announced new electronic smarter chocks with continuous damping for better driving performances.


The cabin in 2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option will be almost unchanged from the last model, meaning that list of features and equipment should be the same this time, too. However, the manufacturer said that there could be the slightly changed design of the cabin, so we expect light orange interior and maybe redesigned seats. The equipment should be the same as on all Ford trucks by now.

2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option review


The engine is actually the biggest change in 2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option and that it is an addition to the current 3.5-liter V6 and a replacement for the 6.2-liter V8 model. There were plans to remain the same 6.2-liter engine, but with V10 version, too, but, according to the manufacturer, V8 should be much more economical that V10 version and surely more effective. The new engine should get new 10-speed automatic transmission, too. When it comes to the speed, 3.5-liter engine has 510 horsepower of strength, so new version could be much stronger, together with lower fuel consumption.

2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option back

2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option Release Date and Price

The final releasing date of 2019 Ford Raptor V8 Option will be known later, but it should be offered as 2019 model. As we know that the price of Raptors has always been above $50,000, with this new stronger engine it could be even higher. There are only a few possible competitors of 2019 Ford Raptor V8 and those are already on the market, except few that manufacturers are planning to improve. Among usual rivals are Toyota Tacoma Diesel, Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado Riper, GMC Acadia, while Nissan announced that they will improve their Navara, and Frontier while Toyota is about to redesign their 4Runner to be more competitive with Raptor.


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