2019 Ford Ranger spied

2019 Ford Ranger

Although the introduction of the 2019 Ford Ranger has still not been scheduled, we could be able to see how the new Ranger will look like and which needs and plans it actually represents. For people who are attracted by the market of the SUVs and large trucks, new Ranger is something which is highly expected in years to come. The reason is the new expectations on the market after the many popular manufacturers have changed their vehicles for the future buyers. The market of the mid-size trucks has been empty for a long time, due to high demands for the large trucks and SUV in past years, so logically Ford followed those demands, making the F-150. Now things are changed, and buyers demand small vehicles again, which already recognized Chevrolet, Toyota, and Honda. It was time for Ford to release its old and popular model with the upgrades and changes to achieve high class.


2019 Ford Ranger
The small trucks as 2019 Ford Ranger have always been a great option for the weekend relaxing and some small duties and light loads. That is why the cargo space in this truck is smaller, making it adjusted to kayaks, fishing sticks or two or three bicycles. Something like that is on new Ranger, but for the buyers that are actually a great proportion of the utility vehicle, perfectly matched to their needs, small enough for the city crowd and parking, but large for long traveling. It’s short and rounded front end is supported with the large LED front lights and wide front grille covered with the metal sheet over it. There are no many details on the side and rear end, at least not seen in the spy photos, but as we could conclude, the manufacturer has not planned any on this model.


2019 Ford Ranger

As we expect, 2019 Ford Ranger will be as comfortable and wide as its purpose allows, meaning large cabin with the enough space for the families who are traveling somewhere where they will spend a simple sporty weekend in nature.


Even though that information is still not shared with us, we expect that 2019 Ford Ranger will have EcoBoost 2.3-liter inline engine in the standard model, with possibly 2.7-liter or even 3.5-liter V6 model in higher sporty or premium version. It is also expected to see Ford’s new 10-speed transmission in this model.


2019 Ford Ranger

As the new Bronco, based on the same platform and design as 2019 Ford Ranger, is expected to be shown in 2020, we can say that the Ranger should be represented at the end of 2018, for the starting price of $25,000 for the basic model.


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