2019 Ford Model E with Electric Engine

2019 Ford Model E

When the letter E is shown up in the name of Ford’s car, like in 2019 Ford Model E, we suppose to know what it is about. It points on the electric engine under the hood, and usually a very high level of modernity and luxury in term of the devices and equipment. In the case of this Ford, that is a complete true. It is an electric car, made in the new line of these cars, based completely on electricity and alternative engine option and modern designed to follow the competitors on the very demandable market of the electric cars.
2019 Ford Model E


Even though the manufacturer has not explained yet how this car will look like, caradvice.com says that we should expect two versions of this car, an SUV large model and small hatchback or even a sedan. If we look at the previous electric model from the Ford, which was Ford Focus Electric, it was a compact hatchback, with the long front end, attractive and simple grille and modern lights. At the end of the car were two modern lights on the rounded truck door and wide rear bumper. Knowing that Focus Electric has mark high popularity on those days, even the manufacturer has sold it only on limited and specially chosen markets, there are high chances that they will make the same shape and design of the new electric car.


We always expect the highly modern equipment in electric cars, mostly because it has special devices which can be used there and the whole look of the car gives an impression of the modernity and luxury.


The electric engines range in 2019 Ford Model E should cover all known electric engine we know for on the market today, including a combination of the hybrid, electric and petrol option and fully electric plug-in engine. The current model of the electric Ford car, Focus Electric has a very small electric range of only 75 miles, with the boosted version of 100 miles. The new model should cover even 200 miles, and be closer to the competitors.


Speaking about the competitors, the main ones are Chevrolet, Toyota and of course, Tesla. Even they made their new models and upgraded current electric cars, 2019 Ford Model E should beat up them with the engine strength and popularity among the young buyers. If you do not believe in that, you should wait for the second quarter of 2019, when Ford’s factory in Mexico will make the first commercial models.


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