2019 Ford Everest

2019 Ford Everest

The manufacturer decided to reveal 2019 Ford Everest and that is great news, especially for those outside of US, who expected a new version of this very attractive and useful pick-up truck. Things are even more interesting if we know that the same platform and design is used for Bronco, as well for Raptor, which shares the new engine with Everest, too.


2019 Ford Everest review

2019 Ford Everest is made on famous T6 body platform that Ford already used for other pickups and SUVs, and some of them are sold on markets outside of US, like those in company Troller, a part of Ford’s company since 2007, situated in Brazil. Otherwise, Everest is actually not changed a lot from the last model; there is new color pallet and slight changes on the front end, mostly in the more aggressive gridded chromatic grille.


2019 Ford Everest interior

The cabin in 2019 Ford Everest is not described yet, and we were not able to see it on spy photos, so we can only predict great design and shape, together with top equipment for the class. For now, we know that the manufacturer will put 8-inch touchscreen on the dashboard, together with Apple Store or Android App as other vehicles in class and more quality materials.


The news and information we have about the engine in 2019 Ford Everest confirm our expectations about this car that Everest is revamped Raptor. One of the models should have a Raptor’s 2.0-liter twin-turbocharged four-in-line diesel, matched with the 10-speed automatic transmission. This engine produces amazing 210 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Not only that the engine is so strong, it also has the ability to tow even 6.300 pounds. A standard model, however, comes with 3.2-liter turbocharged five-in-line diesel engine paired with the six-speed automatic transmission. This engine is slightly weaker, with 197 horsepower and 346 pound-feet of torque. Whatever engine buyer chooses, it will have an option to also choose between all-wheel and front-wheel driving system. In terms of safety Everest will have new automatic brakes that literally completely stop immediately when they are pushed, and rearview camera with reverse parking sensors.

2019 Ford Everest back

2019 Ford Everest Release Date and Price

Even though some speculation revealed in March said that new and redesigned models from Ford (like Bronco, Wrangler and perhaps Everest) should be on the market next year, as 2020 models, new information that we have confirmed that 2019 Ford Everest will be in saloons in September. Many experts claim that Everest (or Endeavour) should be a model for future Bronco, with only a few changes, but whatever it is, Everest is changed and redesigned new model for the future. Since the price for the last model was $47,000 without equipment, we expect at least the same number for the standard model. When it comes to the competitions, models like Toyota Tundra Diesel, Chevrolet Colorado, and Nissan Frontier.


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