2019 BMW M9


2019 BMW M9 is logical continuing of the first supercar BMW made for the 2018 year. As it is expected, it should be as strong as the last model, but with many new improvements and changes, mostly in term of design and equipment in the cabin. This should be also a big come back for sporty cars that BMW actually has never made properly. They had a famous M1 model, but with many falls and problems, so buyers have never truly accepted. This model should change it, and surely replace this model on the market. Not is time for BMW to show that they are not only a great manufacturer of elegantly sedans, but that they also can make a sporty car properly.


2019 BMW M9 has rounded muscular front end, as many sporty cars on the market, with modernly designed LED lights and wide air intake on the bottom of the front end, just below the thin mesh grille. The rear end has also modern rear lights and much less in length that front end, but large 20-inch tires in combination with the low position of the car and curves and dents on the sides of the car represent the great sporty design of the car.


As all BMW cars are famous for the elegance and comfort in the cabin, we expect the same level of luxury in 2019 BMW M9, too. Especially if we know how great last model has been made. Being a two-door sporty coupe, this BMW has to offer spacious but sporty cabin, but also a leather and other high luxury materials to prove that they are among the greatest on the market. Interior space can be made in pink or even orange color if buyer demands, with high technology that only the best manufacturer can offer.


As the 2018 model, 2019 BMW M9 should have a strong and fast engine and as we know so far, the manufacturer will not change much from the last model. In that case, we should expect 3-liter of the 3.6-liter turbocharged engine, which is the same as on M3 model, also very attractive to buyers. This amazing engine has a strength around 600 horsepower and that is way different from same class cars, and if the manufacturer is right, it could be even 800 horsepower strong, but only in some trim versions.

2019 BMW M9 Release Date and Price

Even though the manufacturer has not said how much new 2019 BMW M9 will cost, we expect the price around $300,000, as the 2018 model costs almost that. Releasing is expected at the end of 2018 when current model attracts buyers enough to provide high demands for the new model.



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