2019 BMW M8 – mean machine


This article is not confirmed, it's based on a rumor.
Models in BMW’s 8-series have always been interesting and attracted attention, so that will happen with 2019 BMW M8. The 8-series was first shown in 1987 when the world globally had money and sources and fuel prices were favorable for a wide group of users. Unfortunately, that trend suddenly stopped in 90’s, when BMW sold only 30,000 units and continued to decrease of selling in the coming years. It is time to come back with these models, and the proofs are many of new models in competition factory, like Mercedes and Bentley. When Mercedes come out with AMG models, mostly S-Class Coupe and Bentley Continental GT Speed, BMW simply had to offer something to their faithful buyers.


We had an opportunity to predict something about 2019 BMW M8 by now, thanks to spy photos. There are some differences from them on the model now released. Front end now has a thin grille, traditionally separated on two, with grids and aluminum line around it. However, massive hood curved in the middle fulfills the feeling of aggressiveness. There is only a place for two thin LED lights below the hood line. One of the main differences is two air intakes behind the front bumper, literally in the middle of doors.


There are many interesting and attractive thing to be mentioned as the part of the cabin in 2019 BMW M8. Firstly, the manufacturer has not saved money to put only the high-quality materials in the cabin, like leather, quality plastic, and aluminum details. There is also carbon fiber between the center console and gear. The modern dashboard is perfectly positioned almost vertically so driver and passengers will not be distracted during giving simple commands. In the center of the dashboard is incorporated whole infotainment system, which is not usual on BMWs, but which make it simple to use. BMW has promised high-technology and ultimate modern devices and design.


Even though BMW has not shared clear information about 2019 BMW M8, we suppose that it could be 4.4-liter like they put in new BMW M5. It has amazingly 600 horsepower, the higher than on new Mercedes. Another version can be 6.6-liter V12 one, with possibly 650 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, again, more than on competition. As the last models, it could raise the speed of 60 mph for 3.7 seconds, and we have a lot of reasons to expect something like that on this model, too.

2019 BMW M8 Release Date and Price

When we compare old models with 2019 BMW M8, the price should be around $170,000 for V8 engine and even $200,000. Expect it in the middle of 2018.


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