2018 Volkswagen Three-Row SUV


There are many questions about the 2018 Volkswagen Three-Row SUV as a new vehicle from this manufacturer, and the first one should be how it will be called. The company just started with the production, and the first information about the name was that it will have two names, one for US market and a second one for the rest of the world. Even caranddriver.com expects the name Atlas for the US market that is not confirmed from the manufacturer yet. However, this model should be a main competitor to the Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander, which it looks like the most at.


The first driving under the black cover showed that 2018 Volkswagen Three-Row SUV will be something between the Passat and Toyota SUVs. The massive front end, shaped in a cube, with sharpening edges and obviously large front lights has a large front grille, separated on two. Rear end, on the other hand, is more rounded and soft, with thin rear lights and spoiler on the top of the truck door. Flat roof and doors support the shape of the cube, while the whole car does not go far from the style and shape of the other Volkswagen cars. Knower will notice some parts taken from Golf and the other from Touareg.


The inside of the 2018 Volkswagen Three-Row SUV should be similar to the other cars from this manufacturer, mostly like Passat and Golf, but we still have not seen it, due to protection and covers. Many facts said that we should expect modern devices, but acceptable level of luxury, similar to the other cars in the class, like Highlander, for example. We could be able to try different driving modes, controlled by special buttons in the cabin, so the driver can change the mode on Sport, Snow, Off-road, and On-road, depending on the road and driving type.


The base model of 2018 Volkswagen Three-Row SUV has 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 200 horsepower like Tiguan has. The stronger version has a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280 horsepower like on Touareg and Passat. The speed of 60 mph increased for 8 seconds, much slower than other cars in the class, but with stability and control needed for this car class. There are rumors that Volkswagen considers of making the diesel and hybrid engines, but that is still not confirmed.

2018 Volkswagen Three-Row SUV Price and Release Date

If everything goes well, we should see 2018 Volkswagen Three-Row SUV on the market at the end of this year, with proper name and other performances tested and marked. The expected price should be around $31,500 for the base model.

(Image Source: Driving.ca)


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