2018 Volkswagen Polo revealed

2018 Volkswagen Polo

2018 Volkswagen Polo is a new version of the popular small car for every driver. Reliable as ever car from this manufacturer but renovated for the modern buyer, that should be a short description of the model. However, aside from the new design and shape, it is not a small car at all. There are completely new designed and bigger cabin, modern dashboard and digital instrument built-in there. For those who are worried about safety, there is a new line of emergency brakes and new details in exterior design. As Polo has always been a well-sold model, according to the manufacturer, it has been sold more than 14 million units globally; it keeps the name and expectations in the new model, too.
2018 Volkswagen Polo


There are numerous changes in new 2018 Volkswagen Polo worth of mentioning. It is still a small and cute car, with the rounded classic front end but modern LED line over the front grille and thin LED lights. Rear and has bigger lights, and rounded shape, with small decorations, typical for cars in this class. Higher trims will have two fake exhausts on the rear bumper. Thin spoiler on the top of the rear window is for sun protection and sportier look. Being wider and longer, new Polo looks more like compact crossover, with sportier details.
2018 Volkswagen Polo


As the new 2018 Volkswagen Polo is bigger and wider, the cabin is bigger, logically. But, the most important novelty is modern, digital dashboard, with many interesting devices. Some of them are Android Auto, Mirror Link, Apple Car Play and all information displayed on large Active Info Display, with sizes from 6.5 to 8.0 inches depending on trim version. In new Polo, you will be able to charge your phone, make strong Wi-Fi connection and use navigation system, climate control, and many other things. An interesting color combination on the seats, dashboard, and doors provides more modern look.


As the manufacturer has always offered strong engines, we had no doubts that they will do the same this time, too. 2018 Volkswagen Polo this time has five offered engines, petrol and diesel ones, with a power range from 65 to even 200 horsepower. The strongest engine is 2.0-litre petrol one combined with softening suspension for stable driving. For your safety manufacturer provides a new system of emergency brakes and blind spot warning system.
2018 Volkswagen Polo

2018 Volkswagen Polo

This amazing small car will be available at the end of 2017 and expect that 2018 Volkswagen Polo will cost from $17,000. It is expected that it will be the main competitor to Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa.


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