2018 Toyota Wish


There are some rumors for quite some time that there will be new 2018 Toyota Wish. We wanted to see what is all about, and found that till today thare are no official info, about new Wish, so this info is all based on internet rumors.


This mini-van has held up its reputation since the advent of Toyota wish back in 2002. The 2018 model has been made to look slicker with a thin, modernized front fascia, the grille is also more attractive, and is smoother around the edges. The general aerodynamics of the vehicle have been made more appealing to the eye. The head and tail lamps are all LED. The front bumper is sportier with extra grille and fog lights. The wheels are 17’’ alloy, with a wheel base of 108’’. The overall length is 180’’ and a 66’’ wide.


The interior has been improved with a carbon surface unique to this model. High-end fabric upholstery seats will add to the sophisticated interior design. The model is built for family-oriented clientele and thus you would expect a lot of room. The dimensions are more or less the same as its predecessors with 7 seats. The internal dimensions are 2660x1470x1315mm which means there is plenty of room. The back seats fold downwards for extra trunk space. Interior safety features include airbags, height-adjustable seat belts and rear camera with a reverse sensor mechanism. There is an elaborate air conditioning and also convenient lighting. The steering wheel has the basic button controls for convenience, and the audio and visual systems are upgraded with two screens, Bluetooth compatibility and an elaborate DVD surround sound system.

Engine and Performance

The 2018 Toyota Wish will come with two engines to choose from. The first one is a 1.8L 7-speed CVT –i engine with 131 horse power and 121lb of torque. The other one is a 2.0L 7-speed engine with 142 horse power with 144lb of torque. Both are automatic transmissions. Low carbon emission has been emphasized for this model. The 1.8L fuel consumption is 14.7Km/L while the 2.0L is 16.3Km/L. This is below the average sport car with regards to performance but compensation comes in with its fuel economy. Toyota plans to produce both 2WD and 4WD models.


The 2018 Toyota Wish has seen significant transformations. It has a bigger wheel base compared to its predecessors. The engine capacity has been improved to provide greater performance while being more economical thanks to the CVT-I engine. The steering wheel has additional button functionality and the interior has nothing short of style. The head and tail lights are thinner but more attractive, and the front fascia has been made slimmer for a better look. More silver work has been added at the back for a shinier look. It is generally sportier and more compact.

2018 Toyota Wish Price and Release Date

The 1.8L engine model will set you back between $24,000-$26,000, and you will need around $32,000 to drive the 2.0L model. The release date is officially unannounced.


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