2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept


Do not be surprised with the name 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept and the meaning of abbreviation TJ in its name. As the manufacturer said, it is short for “toolbox” and “joy” and as we saw on photos, this interesting van looks literally as a combination of both. Even though it sounds incredible, this car is actually a combination of SUV and a van, which fulfills the expectations we have from SUV – meaning to be large and wide, with lots of cargo space and those we usually have from vans, and that is to be comfortable and warm for families and long traveling. This vehicle could be used in both situations, and with additional option dropping of all seats, it could be a great vehicle for a heavy load.


You will be attracted to the look and unique shape of 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept that is for sure. It is very interesting and unique designed van, with rhomboidal (but almost squared) mesh front grille, rounded front lights and a plastic protection below the grille. This look of the cubic supports flat roof and truck door, with old-fashioned and simple rear lights. If you are really a fan of vans, you will be interested in classic slide doors on the sides as on old vans we used to drive.


As we expect, the inside of 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept literally has to be squared and cubic as the shape of the wan is like that. The manufacturer has made a van that is easy for entering, thanks to the lower position of the cabin and slide doors, and thanks to the adjustable and comfortable seats it is great for families. On the other hand, this van could be very useful for heavy load, thanks to the dropping of all seats, so the van becomes an SUV with anchors and hooks for ropes to protect cargo during driving. The cabin could grow to 10-feet in length, so every buyer will be able to use it for cargo. Seats and the cabin are made of quality materials resistant to dusting and scratching.


Even though the manufacturer has not confirmed, we expect a classic 2.0-liter petrol four-cylinder engine in combination with a hybrid unit in 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept, which manufacturer obviously made to save the environment but also a buyer’s pocket.

2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept Release Date and Price

We will see if 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept will replace old models on the market, like the old Sienna and many other popular SUVs we know. As Toyota Auto Show showed, it is very attractive to the buyers, mostly younger ones.


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