2018 Toyota Prius v – The new eco-friendly


The Prius is the world’s most popular hybrid; a powerful tool for the green movement, the new generation of Toyota’s green car is expected to supersede the standards of its predecessors in terms of performance. As Toyota like to say new 2018 Toyota Prius V is:” Big efficiency, Bigger fun”.

The 2018 Toyota Prius will be a far sportier model, boasting a dynamic look and numerous features designed to enable the vehicle to overcome its rivals.


When it comes to the exterior, the new Prius will not diverge that drastically from its predecessors. It will be a lighter and somewhat larger vehicle however, utilizing aluminum, carbon fiber and similar light material to craft a frame that should boast superior aerodynamic efficiency to previous models. Fans of the Prius can expect the 2018 model to bare a thinner appearance along with a lower hood and rounded front. The result is a sleeker, more sophisticated look.

Utilizing new architecture (Toyota New Global Architecture), the 2018 Prius V is not only going to be of low production cost but it will avail a lower center of gravity as well, a change that is bound to impact its performance.

Standing at the center of the various changes to the cabin is the 3-spoke steering wheel; along with the standard center mounted instrument panel, the interior is elegant, slightly more spacious, with more comfortable seats and the typical Toyota Prius interface which includes an LCD screen and GPS mechanisms. Along with a panoramic roof, the 2018 Toyota Prius V presents an image quite similar to that of a Corolla, though the performance differs.


The new Prius is expected to boast a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine along with an electric motor, with the unit producing an estimated 150hp. The electric motor should be smaller and lighter than what is normally encountered in previous models. With fuel consumption estimated at 56mpg, the 2018 Prius will utilize an expensive type of lithium ion battery designed to hold charge for much longer periods of time, delivering fuel consumption of about 60mpg.

The engine power and battery power are separated by the wheels, with All Wheel Drive being offered as an option. With a smaller and lighter electric motor, powerful lithium ion battery, All Wheel Drive, better thermal rates and a lighter body of lower center of gravity, the 2018 Toyota Prius should deliver a performance and fuel efficiency notably superior to its predecessors.

2018 Toyota Prius v Release Date and Price

While there are yet to be any solid confirmations, the new Prius V should be hitting the market sometime near the end of 2017; professionals expect the price tag to float around the $26,675 mark, possibly rising to $36,000.


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