2018 Toyota FT-1 -What We Know So Far


When we the 2018 Toyota FT-1 it is immediately clear that the new 2018 Toyota Supra will incorporate all Toyota’s car technologies from their long list to make one incredible sports car. The automotive industry was not caught by surprise because of the huge success of the Supra from 2015, this second round is seeking the best with its futuristic and sporty design. In fact this super car is not yet officially released most information that we have are simply speculations. So keep with us to hear what we have to say.

Video from Auto Show, Showing FT-1 concept:


The exterior and interior design of this car must to overcome all expectations and we believe that both will be a smash hit. When we look the 2018 FT-1 concept car we know that the new 2018 Supra will use most of the exterior features bu it will be a little softened as always for the market. The front of the car will be very aerodynamic and the two huge air intakes in the bumper and below the headlights will help with that. At the read it will have certainly a dual exhaust and LED taillights. It is sitting on incredible lightweight 19-inch wheels wrapped with race tires.


The interior of the 2018 Toyota FT-1 (Supra) is expected to be at least refined as the exterior maybe even better ad user friendly. Like you see on the photos they managed to like on the concept car to achieve a driver aimed environment. However the driver will be able to easily see all the crucial information without the need to take his eyes off the road. Helpful features will be available like leather upholstery, satellite navigation, automatic climate control and much more.

2018 Toyota FT-1 Engine

The engine that everyone expected V6 or V8 will not be incorporated in the new 2018 Toyota FT-1 (2018 Toyota Supra). However it is equipped with a 2.0-Liter inline 4 engine which is the result of cooperation with BMW in fact two electric motors will help it. Combined power of these three engines will be around 450 horsepower and 480 pound feet of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 60 will be near the GTR with 4 seconds. Top speed will be around 180 mph.

2018 Toyota FT-1 Price and Release date

The official release date for the 2018 Toyota FT-1 (2018 Toyota Supra) is still not been set. We expect that it will be somewhere in late 2017 or early 2018. It is rumored that the price will be around $100,000.


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