2018 Toyota Etios Picutures and Price

2018 Toyota Etios

According to many rumors the new 2018 Toyota Etios will cause ripples in many markets especially on the Asian market. This expectation is made upon the new appearance, addition of awesome features and high efficiency that will be appealing to many customers. The 2018 Toyota Etios will be presented to the world at Auto Expo 2018 in India. This car will be as mentioned above very fuel efficient and the main characteristic is increased durability. This coupe will be based on Toyota Corolla Altis concept.


2018 Toyota Etios
The frond of the car is totally redesigned with it’s new headlights, grill and bumpers it will have a more handsome look. LED technology will be used for its headlamps, turn signal indicators, taillights, daytime running lights and fog lights. The suspension is slightly higher to allow smoother ride even on the bumpiest roads. it will have 19-inch aluminum wheels for enhanced stability. You will be able to choose between high specters of colors.


2018 Toyota Etios
As well as the exterior is highly revised the interior is following the same path. The whole interior is upholstered in genuine soft leather, seats are soft and very comfortable and are heated too. Toyota did its best when we talk about equipping with high technology, a lot of safety and entertainment features are added like: Bluetooth connectivity, wireless hot spot, USB ports, MirrorLink on LCD display will allow you to connect your Android phone, key-less entry system, navigation, infotainment system and dual zone air conditioning which is improved to perfection.


This Eco-friendly luxurious coupe is heavily designed and manufactured with use of lightweight material to enhance fuel efficiency. The Etios is available with three eco-friendly small engines. First is a 1.2-Liter engine which can put out 80 PS, the second engine is a 1.4-Liter engine that can produce 68 PS and 125 pound feet of torque. The third and most powerful engine in the lineup is a 1.5-Liter with 90PS and 97lb. Diesel and petrol engines are both available. All engines are mated with 5-velocity manual gear box and front-wheel drive. Fuel consumption is 23 mpg for diesel and 30 mpg for gas engine model.

2018 Toyota Etios Price

2018 Toyota Etios
The expected price of this new 2018 Toyota Etios will start at around $10,000 which is very cheap, but we think that if you pay 10k none of the above mentioned features will be included. Therefore, if one wants the car with all features one will need to pay a lot more.


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