2018 Toyota Estima

2018 Toyota Estima

The new 2018 Toyota Estima is coming heavily redesigned to match today’s standards and because of that, Toyota designed this minivan to have more aggressive and sleeker appearance. Estima is one of the best selling vehicles made by Toyota, if you did not know in some countries it is known as Toyota Previa and in Australia it is known as the 2018 Toyota Tarago. This minivan is combining above mentioned aggressive appearance and exceptional features which is helped it to become one of the best selling vehicles today.


2018 Toyota Estima
In terms of exterior, they made a lot of changes and modifications with a more aggressive looking grill, sleeker profile and angular shape details at the front fascia. The side mirrors are larger but better designed and also better looking, it number of colors will be available to choose from. With its sporty design at the front and at the profile it looks very good but on the rear end will be no or very minimal changes like the rounded taillights.

2018 Toyota Estima Interior

2018 Toyota Estima
Event when the people at Toyota switched the exterior look from a boxy shape and made it very sporty yet the interior is only thing that shines best. The cabin is able to accommodate five passengers comfortably because of spaciousness, the dashboard is heavily redesigned to look pore futuristic and to resemble a plane’s cockpit, the seats are retractable which will give to passengers more head and leg room. The view in the Estima is superior because of the huge side mirrors, and the luxurious sunroof is making this wagon a perfect family vehicle.


The new 2018 Toyota Estima has exceptional performance and that is allowed with a 2.4-Liter four-cylinder engine that can put out 170 horsepower. This efficient power train is mated with five-speed transmission and you can get the base model with front-wheel drive or you can choose the optional all-wheel drive. They are saying that this mini wan can make 20 km with just one liter of gas, which is very fuel efficient for this type of vehicle.

Price and Release date

2018 Toyota Estima
However, we did not hear anything about when it will be released in the rest of the markets. Nevertheless, we think that it will be certainly available in the mid of 2018. We estimate that the price will be around $33,000. Competitors: Ford Galaxy, Honda Odyssey.


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