2018 Toyota Corolla Furia – Slick Design


The brand new 2018 Toyota Furia (Corolla) is one of the, if not the most anticipated sedan in the Toyota lineup for 2018 model year. This car segment is the most popular and the fastest grooving in the U.S. so every car manufacturer need to offer the best they can. The new 2018 Toyota Corolla Furia is the main example of how the guys at Toyota certainly know what they doing. The new Corolla comes fully redesigned, improved and revised to the maximum for this (2018) model year.


The overall styling of the new Corolla is bold and very futuristic especially with the Furia model. The exterior design is what is selling the car but here there are more because the shell of this coupe is manufactured from newly developed light weight sheet metal. They did that to reduce weight and enhance fuel economy. The designers are made this car to appear very sleek, aggressive, sharper and futuristic. It also have carbon fiber accents and newly designed LED lights and bigger grill. The whole car is wider and lower to appear more sportier.


The interior of this car is pretty much the same not like the exterior. The Corolla has always been known for excellent interior design and comfort but this time they didn’t do anything not even an update which is certainly not bad. One thing is changed however and that is the size of the cabin which is wider because of the wheelbase. This improvement will add more space for head and legs. Also it will feature (we hope so) a new infotainment system and a lot of conveniences and features.

2018 Toyota Furia Engine

The drive-train under the hood of the new will be a 1.8-Liter four-cylinder which will be able to put out 132 horsepower and 128 pound feet of torque. This engine will be coupled with a six speed automatic transmission and the upper trims will be equipped with a new CVT transmission. EPA fuel economy transmission is estimated to be from 27 to 34 miles per gallon which is acceptable but certainly is not leading in the coupe class. Toyota will incorporate a newly introduced innovation a eco-mode button for fuel economy improvement.

2018 Toyota Corolla Furia Price and Release date

The price range of the new 2018 Toyota Corolla Furia will range between $16,000 and $24,000. Also the release date is not yet announced but we expect that it will be available somewhere in the summer of 2018.


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