2018 Tomahawk electric supercar


As the answer on strong machines, we can see on market nowadays, a new company in Canada has decided to start with producing a new car, 2018 Tomahawk electric supercar. Even though this name is still not official, as well as the look and features of the car, we can be sure that it will be a successor of the famous brands like 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and Ford GT. Those models have actually been made in mentioned factory in Canada, so there will not be many surprises in term of engine performances and exterior design. How do we know that they are planning to make this car? Well, they shared those plans in 2014, finally announced that we could see a new model during 2016, but they still did not make it until now, for so many reasons. Money is just one of them. Whatever the reason for delaying was, we believe to the manufacturer that we should expect this model next year.


We are not sure in design and look of 2018 Tomahawk electric supercar since the manufacturer has not shown any picture of it. The reason is too many prototypes made by now, which were different from each other, so final version is still not known. The manufacturer announced that new car will be 4,250 pounds in weight thanks to carbon fiber chassis. It will also be the same size as Lamborghini Aventador, or maybe for 0, 86 inches shorter. Taking all in mind, we can say that Tomahawk will be a heavy car, meaning stronger engine for better driving performances.

2018 Tomahawk electric supercar Engine

Although people usually expect weaker and slower electric cars, that will obviously not happen with 2018 Tomahawk electric supercar. Firstly, the car will have four electric engines, for every wheel and the main power for them, the strong 100-kWh electric engine. It should produce amazingly 800 horsepower and even 1000 pound-feet of torque. As manufacturer promised, the battery will be able to drive without charging at least 370 miles.

Price and Release Date

Dubuc, the factory where 2018 Tomahawk electric supercar should be made, is planning to show it next year. As we said, there are many barriers which stop production of this model, and finances are one of them. According to rumors, innovators and designers are still looking for a good investor, so it can slow down preparation and final production of the model. However, when it finally comes out, we could expect the same price as on similar models, which is around $100,000.


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