2018 Tesla Model 3 Review

2018 Tesla Model 3

When a manufacturer gives a name the 3 to the car, like in the case with the 2018 Tesla Model 3, that usually means the continuing of the greatness and successful of the previous models and great predictions to the future. That is a true with this car, too, after the big success in past years. However, the name 3 could also mean that Tesla has decided to continue with the advancing in term of the technique which is Tesla famous for; so many things which we should expect from this manufacturer will be great. Let see what they offered this time.


2018 Tesla Model 3
There are no many changes in term of the design in new 2018 Tesla Model 3, so those who used to drive or simply like this car will be satisfied. The overall look is like on any other sedan, with big doors and long front end, but without front grille obviously. There are large front lights almost on the top of the hood, with the slightly shaped lines over the wheels and doors. Rounded opened roof falls on the sharp truck door with the thin spoiler on it, where are two trapezoidal rear lights. Besides that, there are no many lines and curves on this car.


2018 Tesla Model 3
Even though the photos of the inside of 2018 Tesla Model 3 are still not known, we can be sure that there will be offered a large dashboard, with the famous 15-inch touchscreen in the middle of it. However, that is not the only thing which passengers will look at when the manufacturer has made an impressive panoramic roof over the whole car. That is the only proper name for this design of the car, where the whole roof is made of the glass, with the wide and high glasses on the side of the car, so the passengers can enjoy in great view during the driving. That supposes to be enough for them to forget that their knees are crunched because of the battery put just below their legs in the middle of the car.


2018 Tesla Model 3
As the Elon Musk, the general chief of Tesla factory said, 2018 Tesla Model 3 should stop with gas emissions and start a new era in healthy driving which protects the environment. We should believe them, knowing that Tesla has always been a dealer in electric engines. The speed will not lack with the 6 seconds needed for 60 mph, so every should be satisfied.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Conclusion

After the great seasons, Tesla is on the big test with the 2018 Tesla Model 3. Announcing at the great and modern miracle in the car industry, it also can turn into the big failure. The price of $35,000 for the basic model should attract new buyers, so time will show if we were right.


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