2018 Pontiac GTO Rumors and Specs

2018 Pontiac GTO

The rumors about new 2018 Pontiac GTO have been going around for quite some time. The likelihood of this model’s appearance has been low during the past few years, but now we may be looking at a rebirth of this muscle car in the near future. Some people say that the only reason they don’t make GTO any more is because they thought it could not reach the Camaro and its success.

This article is not confirmed, it's based on a rumor.


2018 Pontiac GTO
On the outside, designers are going to have to make a perfect combination of luxury and aerodynamics as this car is supposed to be attractive and fancy while running really fast. Sports cars are all about the looks these days. So the manufacturers would have to do their best since the previous design didn’t hit a chord with the American people. The innovative design would be a perfect solution. For example, redesigned hood, new pair ports installed HID headlamps below the grill with the brand, new back door, rear wings made with brand-new pair of tailpipes that are protruding are just some of the features expected to be upgraded.


2018 Pontiac GTO
If the new 2018 Pontiac GTO wants to make an impression on the market and attract modern-day customers, the selection of the materials for the inside would have to be impeccable. The company would probably have to be creative and come up with something innovative and attractive. As we have already mentioned that this model is expected to be fast, probably a lot of additional sporty equipment should be available. It would probably be equipped with modern large tech gear such as display with touch screen, GPS-based navigation, multifunctional steering mechanism, gauges etc. Other options like automatic warming mechanism for the leather seats and the temperature manage system are also expected.


If the rumors come true and the new 2018 Pontiac GTO appears in the showrooms, the manufacturers would probably focus on a variety of engines built for one thing – speed. At first, it would likely start off as a limited series with a single engine type, possibly adding more if there is enough interest. GM appears to concentrate on having an engine that could conquer all its rivals. Lots of people anticipate this model to have an all new twin-turbocharged 4.8-litre V8. If so, this engine could outcome around 500 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. The main competitors are Dodge Challenger STR Hellcat, Ford Mustang GT350, and maybe new Dodge Demon.

2018 Pontiac GTO Release Date and Price

2018 Pontiac GTO
When it comes to release date, there simply isn’t one. It might seem pointless to guess the date since all these information being rumors, but as the name suggests, this model is qualified as ‘2018’ so it would have to make an appearance by the end of the year, or at least by mid-2019. The price is also unknown, but if we have to assume, it would be roughly $50,000 for the basic version.


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