2018 Nissan Z Concept and Expectations

2018 Nissan Z

You may not believe us, but it seems that 2018 Nissan Z is about to come to the market in the US, according to the rumors and speculations. It is about time to see something new, after the current model debuted in 2008, with great features, but after those years maybe a little boring. As we heard, new Nissan should be modernized, but still not far away from the other models from the class and this manufacturer. It is for sure that we will see the better-designed car and stronger engine.


2018 Nissan Z
Sadly, there are no much changes in outside design in 2018 Nissan Z from predecessors, according to the rumors. It seems that Nissan has not released much information about the design changes which this model has undergone, so we have to be satisfied with indications they announced by now. If Nissan follows the look of the last model, that means old-fashioned and maybe a little boring wedge shape design. It supposes to be a lighter car that follows stability and better control together with faster driving, but that is not clear for now.


2018 Nissan Z
As the current models have interior design and equipment approved from buyers, it seems that nothing will be changed in 2018 Nissan Z. As the opposite of the bunch of not needed buttons, poor materials, and awkward sitting position, which will surely go to the history, the new Nissan will keep large dash-mounted informational dial screen with possibly hidden infotainment system, which attract buyers and fans. We also expect modern designed cabin with ads that improve passengers comfort.


2018 Nissan Z
As the current model has the strong 3.7-liter V6 engine, there is no reason to 2018 Nissan Z has not the same model. However, this engine does not meet the standards in term of fuel economy and environment protection planned in years to come, so there is an option with hybrid or turbocharged version together with this one. In that case, it can be a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 like on current GT-R with the capability of producing 399 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, but there is no confirmation for that. As the previous models, this could have six-speed automatic and manual transmission.

Conclusion 2018 Nissan Z

2018 Nissan Z
Even though all we saw seems great, 2018 Nissan Z could be a little disappointing for fans and old buyers. For the price of $30.000, it should be a competitor with Mustang GT350 and Chevy Camaro, but with everything we saw it will not be even close to them. Let’s wait until the end of this year for final look and engine option, and we should be able to say more.


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