2018 Nissan GTR Review

2018 Nissan GTR

As 2018 Nissan GTR has been shown in Auto Shows, many car producers, with Porsche among them, had afraid. As we were able to see so far, they have many reasons for that. When the first model of GTR has been released in 2007, there were not many details to be competitive with the cars in the highest class, but after first small redesigning a few years ago and this amazing change on this version, it could be on the list of the most popular and expensive cars. However, the main change has been made last year with Black Edition, and now we are able to see even upgraded last year model, with many improvements and changes in engine performance.
2018 Nissan GTR


It is hard to choose what on 2018 Nissan GTR the best looks. If we look at the front end, it is simple, rounded but with few sharp edges, thin chromatic grille and two mesh air vents on the bumper’s sides. Large irregularly shaped front lights have LED line as daily lights, while the hood has two small air intakes (and we know that means increasing the speed). The rear end is much sportier, with interestingly designed rounded rear lights, plastic protection on the bottom with two doubled exhausts and wide highly positioned spoiler on the truck door.
2018 Nissan GTR


The manufacturer has decided to make a sporty combination of the black and red interior in 2018 Nissan GTR with quality leather and chrome in details. Large touchscreen and perfectly positioned button layout provide easy commanding during driving.


Thanks to changes in engine strength and performances, 2018 Nissan GTR got great driving performances, allowing to the driver gently and soft accelerating than before. The strong AWD twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine has 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque. The new system control pressure and work of every cylinder separately, which helps in faster accelerating and fuel consumption control. However, the new six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission provides smoother changing the speeds, mostly from the first to the second one. Thanks to NISMO wheels and unique tuning, the car has special four-wheel independent suspension.
2018 Nissan GTR

2018 Nissan GTR

As the manufacturer planned, 2018 Nissan GTR will be the main competitor to Porsche 911 GT3, not only with price, but with engine strength and acceleration time (we still have not received an acceleration time, but according to manufacturer and engine performances, it could be among the most expensive cars). Knowing all above, we can say that price of $125,000 which could go up to $145,000 is not high at all.


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