2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck

2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck

Spy photos of 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck confirmed what we thought – Mercedes recognized demands of the market in the last couple of years. This is obviously the time for mid-size trucks, so manufacturers who know that also know what to offer and change in designs in their models. This time, Mercedes, in cooperation with Nissan, made a truck for both buyers who love luxury under the known name and those who wants to drive big and massive truck. Spy photos are never completely clear, but they show many details, which help us to imagine how this truck looks like and what to expect in future.


2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck
First spy photos show that new 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck inherits details in design from Nissan. That is mostly in the front end, which shows wide front bumpers, accomplishment with a special layer on the bottom of the wheels, larger lights and long and high hood. Between the lights is a wide air intake, below it is smaller fog lights and between them another thin mesh line. Many of these details are something expected in the car made for US market. Due to the big size of the truck, there are steps below the doors, and the height is reached thanks to two rail-like decorations. Speaking about the height, it is expected to have 21-inches wheels, and all of these are already seen in Nissan car catalogs. The car manufacturer as Mercedes is will not put on the market a truck which does not have large cargo space, so we expect (and spy photos confirmed) that there will be a massive truck behind the cabin. The exterior certainly look like Nissan Navara.


2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck
Even though photos cannot show how the inside of 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck looks like, we know that this manufacturer usually makes functional cabins with only needed equipment and a lot of space for passengers. There is surely planned a list of the modern high-tech devices which Mercedes has to incorporate in this large cabin, but we still cannot confirm anything of it.


2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck
As on many other things, the engine planned for 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck is still not known, but experts think that it could be 4 or 6 cylinder unit turbo diesel engine with a lot of horsepower and torque, as most of Mercedes trucks have. Knowers claim that for comparison we should use other cars from Germany makers as an example, expecting traditional large machines with great strength. It will be in the same class like 2019 Volkswagen Amarok.

2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck Conclusion

We used to stay breathless with every novelty from Mercedes and that is happening with 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck, too. However, for starting price of $27.000 it can be yours after releasing later this year. Competitors: Toyota Tacoma, 2019 Dodge Dakota, 2019 Dodge Rampage.


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