2018 Mercedes E class Coupe First Drive


We can say that 2018 Mercedes E-class Coupe is one of the best products in Mercedes this year, but that is not a completely true about this model and manufacturer. Mercedes has been working very hard last years, aiming to make the highest value in car classes, and according to all information we have, they made it. It seems that there is no car class which this manufacturer is not in the first place, starting from the trucks, vans, luxury cars and small two-door coupes. This time they went over their expectations, making this car, with all possible innovations and upgrades.


Mercedes has always carried about the fans and old buyers, so their design will never go far away from the basic shape and norms. This is happening with the 2018 Mercedes E class Coupe, meaning that it has the same shape and look at last two-door coupes from the Mercedes. It is fulfilled with the slightly increasing the length and width of the base and small but visible changes in term of outside design. The front end has recognizable gridded mesh separated into four parts, with cat-like lights and chromatic lines around them. The rear end is coupe-like sharp, with thin lights and wider bumper, so the car is now more athletic and lower at the front end than the last model.


The inside of the 2018 Mercedes E-class Coupe is comfortable, as the cabins in Mercedes have always been. Luxury details like white leather and wood are supported with specially shaped seats, with massage functions and adjustable in different ways. The aggressive steering wheel is close to the sporty look of the car, while the cabin shape and details are mostly adjusted to the high class of the buyers. Even though the equipment is still not clearly described, we know that there are no much differences from the last model, meaning that is the highest in the class.


The lower front end and better-shaped chassis in 2018 Mercedes E class Coupe are a great addition to the strong 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged and intercooler DOHC 24-valve engine, with the 330 horsepower and 340 pound-feet of torque. The measured speed increasing is around 5.2 seconds for 60 mph; while the top speed is around the 130 mph. The engine is paired with the nine-speed automatic transmission. Combined fuel consumption is 25 mpg.

2018 Mercedes E class Coupe Price

For the price of $55,000, new 2018 Mercedes E-class Coupe is on the list of the most interesting and highly demanded car in this class. It seems that competitors should be prepared for this car in the future.

(Image Source: AutoWeek)


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