2018 Lincoln Continental – Just Headed to Production


The 2018 Lincoln Continental is here! Well unfortunately not yet, customers will need to wait just a little bit longer on this high luxury car. Back i time Lincoln made a big impact at the New York auto show last year with a bold new Continental, a sedan concept that the brand insist will become a production car soon. We will take you from head to tail and provide the information but only that are available today.


In the 2018 Continental Lincoln engineers did a lot of visual changes. The roofline and the beltline are going backwards very strong which gives this car a very imposing stance. This car is very different from kind of plunging profile you see in a lot of Lincoln’s current vehicles. The grill of this concept car is chromed and very unique looking. The headlights actually have laser assistance. The wheels have 21 inch in diameter and 15 spokes which were made from ultra light alloy.


All Lincoln models are without doubt refined and high-tech and this feature will never change. The upholstery in this coupe will be like in a MKS full,genuine leather. The seats are very high-tech and Ford has taken from it’s pockets 50 patents, 30-way adjustment is standard in this seats. Combined with this leather seats and genuine wood the all-around interior has the finest refined look. The 2018 Lincoln Continental will be without doubt a large car but if they pus in that direction it’s driving dynamics will probably suffer if it becomes just slightly bigger than the current MKS.

2018 Lincoln Continental Engine

Ford is still playing bashful about the Continental’s engine details, but the fact is that this concept uses a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V-6 power-train. We heard a lot of gossip that the base engine will be a 2.7 at least in the United States. However we also heard that the Chinese market will receive an smaller four-cylinder choice. Rumors are talking about that the Continental will use the same AWD system like the 2018 Ford Focus RS. Also we don’t think that this car will use a v12 engine and not even the current Ford’s 5.0-L and 6.2-L V8 engines because it is not likely that they will put this power consuming engines in the modern downgrading era. The current above mentioned engine a 3.0-liter V-6 will put out 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Lincoln Continental Price

This luxury vehicle will without doubt cost around $60,000 but this price will be an advantage if we look the competition like the Cadillac CT6, 2019 Audi A8 the price of the A8 starts from $77,800.


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