2018 Kia Subcompact Crossover Review


As the crossover market has become larger, 2018 Kia Subcompact Crossover could be a new Kia’s competitor for the long and tough competition of these models on the market. Things look stranger if we know that Kia already has something similar to this model, a very popular Soul, so it sounds awkward that they have the similar model only because that is market’s demand. However, this car has been seen on test driving under the black cover, but we could see that it will be something between the mentioned Soul and other popular cars in crossover class on the market.


Much rounded and smaller than Soul, 2018 Kia Subcompact Crossover is actually made on the same platform as Soul, or perhaps on the platform for the Niro hybrid hatchback. It is not easy to see, but anticipating that Kia cannot go further from the current models, we can predict that sharper front end is decorated with the mesh front grille, big front lights with the LED eyebrows below the rounded hood. It is not sure, but the rear end is much rounded than on crossovers we know, with the thin rear lights, wide bumper and slightly lifted than the front end.


It is not sure what would be inside of the cabin in 2018 Kia Subcompact Crossover, but expect all that Kia already has put in their cars. Being a small crossover, it is realistic to expect small space for the passengers in second row. Other features are not known by now.


2018 Kia Subcompact Crossover is a small car, so the engine like 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 164 horsepower in basic model is highly expected, but there are chances that Kia will offer a model with the 1.6-liter four-cylinder. The manufacturer always has front-wheel driving option in small crossovers, but this time is expected to have all-wheel driving system in some trim versions. Engines will get the only automatic transmission.

2018 Kia Subcompact Crossover Price and Competition

Let say something about the Soul again. If we know that it has almost 150,000 units sold by now, it is not hard to imagine which intention stands behind the modeling the similar model introduced in 2018 Kia Subcompact Crossover. After the great selling seasons of the Soul, and beating up the competitors, like Chevrolet Trax, Fiat 500X and Honda HR-X the big expectations are in front of the new Kia. Being a small crossover, for the price of only $20,000 it will surely find its buyers in years to come.


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