2018 Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot represents Honda’s plans to make a combination of van and an SUV, so this model should be taken in that sense. Even though many fans said that new Pilot looks more like three-row crossover, it has many details taken from Odyssey, mostly in terms of design, engine strength and cabin equipment. Thanks to the higher position of the chassis, Pilot is a better vehicle for rough terrain, which puts this vehicle in class with SUVs. As we know by now, it should be a true US vehicle; to confirm that the manufacturer is producing the car in a factory in Alabama.
2018 Honda Pilot


There are not expected to have many changes in the design of 2018 Honda Pilot from the last model, and it has been changed that is only in few details. It is a slightly shorter model than before, but thanks to new LED lights and decorations that are literally not visible at first glance. There is classic chromatic gridded grille with thin lights and thin air intake on the bottom of front end together with almost the same simple truck door and thin spoiler on the rear window at the rear end.
2018 Honda Pilot


The cabin in 2018 Honda Pilot is almost the same as on Odyssey, as the purposes of those cars are the same. As the manufacturer put three seats there, it maybe looks a little tight, but only in the third row. However, there is high luxury trim with leather on the seats and infotainment system, as well as stop and start system, standard collision warning, and brake assist which will be a standard in this model.


The engine in 2018 Honda Pilot is actually the same as on New Honda Odyssey, and that is 3.5-liter V6 with 270 horsepower (or even 300) and 290 pound-feet of torque. This engine should get the same six-speed transmission as the current model, or even nine-speed transmission as current Odyssey got. Speaking about the Odyssey, there is planned to be offered 10-speed transmission as the new one in both models. Other information about this engine is not known, but the manufacturer said that new Pilot will have better fuel efficiency than older models.
2018 Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

As the new 2018 Honda Pilot is not on the market yet (but should be at the end of 2017), we expect some new details that we could not have describe here, so stay with us for the new information. There are announcing that Pilot will be slightly longer than Ridgeline, the model that looks most familiar with Pilot. The price should be the same as for the last model and that is $50,000 for the base model.


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