2018 Honda Freed Redsign – Rumors


2018 Honda Freed should be not only a great refreshing from the last models, and a replacement for Honda Mobilio, but also a model which goes on the global market for the first time. As many changes are made for that reason, we are allowed to see how cute small interesting car from the last seasons grows into modern, fast driven competitive car for buyers all around the world. That is why most of the changes were been made in engine strength, but there are many details changed in design and cabin equipment, too.


Taking the MPV platform from Toyota Innova, 2018 Honda Freed becomes a modern and attractive car. To answer on many buyers demands, the manufacturer made three versions of the car, with 5, 7 and 8 seats. That changes the size of the car and design, but only in details. Short rounded front end on every version has a simple gridded chromatic grille, with LED front lights, incorporated in hood line. Thanks to this shape of the front end and curved lines on the sides of the vehicle, Freed has great aerodynamic shape, not usually seen on this sized vans. The rear end is flat and high, with small rear lights and decorations.


The cabin in 2018 Honda Freed is as modern and well equipped as other Honda models, with amazingly luxury designed seats, wrapped in high-quality leather. In combination with quality plastic on the wheel and dashboard and chromatic details, it looks as cabins from the highest class. The dashboard is horizontally separated into three parts, so the lower end has a steering wheel, clutch, and some important commands, the middle is with large touchscreen and high-tech devices to control entertainment system and there is small addition above it with speedometer and temperature clock. With optional heating of the seats, special audio system and other modern features, this cabin is among the best in class.


The engine in 2018 Honda Freed is 1.5-liter four-in-line petrol one with 130 horsepower. Paired with the five-speed automatic transmission it will be offered in two versions, as a front-wheel driving system and all-wheel driving system. Unfortunately, Honda has not shared other information yet, so we still do not know anything about fuel economy, acceleration time and top speed.

2018 Honda Freed Release Date and Price

As 2018 Honda Freed has not had a premiere yet, we are not sure when the releasing date will happen, but it could be at the beginning of 2018. Although base price should be around $16,000 it could go up to $27,000 with full equipment.


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