2018 Honda B-model Price and Review

2018 Honda B-model

The year 2018 is definitely going to bring lots of news coming from Honda. The brand-new Honda B-model is going to hit the market exactly as a 2018 model. The concept was first revealed at the 2014 Beijing Car Show and now it is finally coming out. It will also be available as a hybrid. The new B-model is primarily aimed at the Asian market, but it is anticipated in the U.S. as well.
2018 Honda B-model


When we talk about the exterior of the 2018 Honda B-model, we can notice that it will certainly be unique and futuristic. Honda has a long tradition on the market and many world-famous and best-selling models are coming exactly from this brand, so this Company simply has to include some innovations and to follow the trends of the next-generation vehicles. This modern crossover will mostly use aluminum and carbon fiber in its body construction. Such a lightweight chassis will have many benefits and some of them are surely improved acceleration and performance as well as better fuel economy. The new B-model will also be eco-friendly and Japanese have been heading to that direction for a very long time. Some would compare the new B-model to the Honda Brio in terms of exterior. This model will come with five doors and look very luxurious and elegant, but at the same time sporty and bold. Some would say that it is perhaps more aimed at younger population. The B-model will have new set of side-mounted lights that together with a modern grille give this vehicle ultimately attractive appearance. It will be standing on new set of wheels and sports tires.
2018 Honda B-model


The interior of the 2018 Honda B-model has perhaps been the greatest mystery, but all the fans mostly know what to expect from the Japanese car. The focus should probably be on the hi-tech gadgets and options, offering the latest infotainment and entertainment systems, together with the touch screen displays and less buttons. The dashboard, instrument cluster and center console will probably be upgraded, ultimately modern and easy to use. We are sure that Honda will also include many safety systems and driver assist features, so that its passengers could feel secure and enjoy the ride.


We have already mentioned that the new 2018 Honda B-model will be available as a hybrid version, too. However, we have been informed that the fuel-engine version will probably come with a brand-new 1.0-liter turbo engine that will be able to deliver at least 150 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque. It might go up to 200 horsepower, but that is just a rumor. When it comes to transmission, it will probably use the CVT.
2018 Honda B-model

2018 Honda B-model

It has been said that the new Honda B-model should appear in the showrooms by the end of 2018, but the release date has not been confirmed yet. You can expect the price of around $10,000 or less for a base model.


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