2018 Honda AC-X – Price, Release date

2018 Honda AC-X

The year 2018 will definitely bring us the future we have seen in sci-fi movies with a new model coming from the Honda brand. It will be the new 2018 Honda AC-X, where the name stands for ‘Advanced Cruiser Experience’. The vehicle will be a plug-in hybrid and it was first revealed as a concept at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show.
2018 Honda AC-X


The new 2018 Honda AC-X represents quite an unusual car in every sense. When it comes to exterior, this hybrid sedan will leave you breathless with its unique and futuristic appearance. It is rounded and has smooth lines, but at the same time these will be combined with sharp edges that give this model an aggressive appearance. The manufacturers definitely managed to produce a provocative and attractive vehicle of the next-generation that will at the same time be productive and have an improved fuel economy. In the front fascia, we have noticed an unusually redesigned hood and fashionable front bumper. The whole vehicle also appears classy and has a touch of fresh design. In the back part of the vehicle, a single line of taillights and a restyled rear bumper that give this model even more attractive look will amaze you.
2018 Honda AC-X


As we have already mentioned, everything about the new 2018 Honda AC-X looks so futuristic and seen only in the sci-fi movies. The interior of this car looks ultimately modern and hi-tech equipped as if you are inside of a spaceship. We could not see much based on the concept, but the buttons will definitely be reduced to a minimum while your fingerprint and sensors will control everything. The interior also gives you a sense of comfort and plenty of space. When it comes to materials, it was mostly white carbon that they used to achieve the sense of luxurious and modern surrounding. Another interesting feature is also the auto-pilot option. So, you will be able to choose between engine-drive mode and auto-drive mode.


When it comes to engine of the new 2018 Honda AC-X, we have already mentioned that it will be a plug-in hybrid. So, its powertrain will represent a combination of a fuel engine and an electric one. The new AC-X will be equipped with a 1.6-liter internal combustion four-cylinder engine that can deliver 167 horsepower. It will also get an electric motor that will be able to produce 161 horsepower. Each of these motors will be mated to either five or six-speed automatic transmission.
2018 Honda AC-X

2018 Honda AC-X

It has not been confirmed yet when this futuristic concept could start its production and hit the roads. The price details are not familiar as well, but the new 2018 Honda AC-X could go up to $40,000, as we have been informed.


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