2018 Ford Troller T4 available only in South Africa

2018 Ford Troller T4
2018 Ford Troller T4

The 2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue has been on the market for just one year and it was available only in south Africa. Most people never heard about this vehicle, it is made for extreme off-roading and and it is intended for rescuing. This car was available only in South Africa in order to see can be a car like this successful.

The American car manufacturer Ford has recently showcased the 2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue Concept (you see it on pictures) this car will be made for high altitude or off road services of rescuing.


2018 Ford Troller T4

The outside of this automobile is extremely much like a Troller yet it fairly excellent with a modern appearance. The suspension on this vehicle will be all new the shocks on it will be better which will certainly give it with high ground clearance. Wheels will have 17-inches and also they will certainly be covered with Mud Surface tires for far better traction for off-road procedures. The front and also back bumpers are developed to enhance strategy and also departure angles, LED spot-lights are mounted on the car to allow the rescuers to better see on the mission. It will certainly also have various packages offered like rescue or fire rescue plans.

2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue Concept Interior

2018 Ford Troller T4

The inside of the 2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue automobile will certainly be very definitely the same as the existing production (South Africa) model. Ford will certainly nonetheless make some modifications to enhance the convenience and also off-road capacities like water immune seats and also dashboard. Additionally it will have more area on the back for the rescued and for all of the specific devices which will certainly be there as well.

Rescue Concept Engine

This 2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue Concept is equipped with the engine found in the Ranger from Europe it is a 3.2-Liter turbocharged inline 5 diesel putting out 197 horsepower and 347 pound feet of torque which is very impressive and it can offer 35 mpg on the highway. All-wheel drive will be standard on this vehicle it in front and rear will have solid axles for better off-road capability. The production version of this car will likely use a 2.7 liter EcoBoost with 325 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. Also the above mentioned engine is likely possible too.

Rescue Concept Price and Release date

2018 Ford Troller T4

The production car will be released in the Winter of 2017 it will be available for some users in second quarter of 2018 and the model for the masses will come in in 2019 as a 2018 model. The price will be around $50,000 for base model and fully equipped will cost around $100,000.


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