2018 Dodge Journey Design and Price

2018 Dodge Journey

The new 2018 Dodge Journey will be seen as a combination of an old and recognizable design and new details and features. Well-known mid-size crossover will be upgraded to a new vehicle from the 10th generation of crossovers from Dodge. Visitors of Detroit Car Show were certainly not disappointed.


2018 Dodge Journey

When it comes to exterior, 2018 Dodge Journey can be described as big and robust. Dodge has always been known for creating their cars impressive to look at, so we can assume that this tradition won’t change for this model. Roughly speaking, we expect it to look like a shorter and wider version of the Durango with sporty traits. This time, Dodge used a Compact Wide US platform instead of usual Mercedes one. Manufacturers have not experimented with this model’s details and design, leaving only familiar features outside the car. This crossover has the upper rear end and maybe too cubic and sharp edges so it seems that Dodge wanted to make it look more aggressive and modern.


It appears that this beauty has not been made for those who enjoy their long rides alone. This car is definitely the best solution for families with children. It has comfortable and adjustable seats and a wide third row of seats. There is a small but functional touch screen with all important applications. As we have been informed, 2018 Dodge Journey has leather seats and luxury fabric on the floor. Another advantage for family journeys is a very large storage space, with 1047 liters in the second and third row.


2018 Dodge Journey

It is still not confirmed but we have got information that this crossover will probably come with 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine 175 horsepower. Having a wider and larger wheelbase, this model has to be strong and fast for all purposes. The Journey may be equipped with a new gearbox for 2018. The older 4-speed automatic transmission unity is rather outdated. Higher trim versions will have stronger 3.0-liter V6 engine with 180 horsepower paired with 6-speed automatic transmission. This time, Dodge obviously focused on large space and comfort rather than fast engine.
2018 Dodge Journey

2018 Dodge Journey Conclusion

So if you are looking for an affordable crossover that has three rows of seats to enjoy long family rides, this model is right for you. This family friendly Journey, which is expected to hit the road in late 2017, is going to be the best vehicle for all your needs and make your ride comfortable and pleasant. We can expect the 2018 Dodge Journey for the very reasonable price for a crossover of only $22,000, which is great since you practically get a family minivan. Great value for money, isn’t it?


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