2018 BMW Z5 spy photos

2018 BMW Z5

The 2018 BMW Z5 is actually a not truly new model from the manufacturer after the first version, called Z4, debuted in 2011. That version supposed to be a product of the manufacturer’s new goal when the whole line of mid-size sports car has been released for the new buyers. With the similarity with the Toyota Supra, this model has attracted new age of buyers, making a breakthrough for the cars in the same class. As things always go, it is time for the new version, logically called Z5, alluding on progress and many improvements on the last model, very popular in those days.


2018 BMW Z5
As we could see on spy photos, there are many changes and renovations in Z5, but the manufacturer has not changed things which represented a feeling of the speed and sports driving. New detail should be a removable soft-top roof, instead of the classic hard top on the last model. The front end should be the same as on the last model, with gridded wide front end, squared lights and wide air intake below them. Just behind the front bumper is a thin air intake, not usual on this car class, while the rear end has a high top and thin rear lights. Double exhausts are expected on sports cars like this, together with the thin line of the car sides, still without lines and dents. It seems that rear bumper has wide protection on the bottom, according to the spy photos.


2018 BMW Z5
We still cannot say anything about the cabin of 2018 BMW Z5 due to hidden information from the manufacturer, but stay with us for the new facts which will be known and released as soon as possible.


2018 BMW Z5
Together with the 6-inline turbocharged engine which is almost a standard for this car class, there are rumors that we should expect a smaller one 4-inline engine with different performances. It is still not known if BMW will continue with powerful and strong engines on 2018 BMW Z5 or it will try with smaller and weaker ones.

2018 BMW Z5  Release date and Price

Taking all in mind, we can confirm the great plans in BMW, so we can only be patient to hear what they have prepared yet for 2018 BMW Z5. Giving a number 5 for this model is actually not strange, knowing that BMW aims to continue with the great popularity of their 507 model. Having such big competitors like Porsche 911 or Jaguar F-Type, many challenges are waiting for them in the future. The price should be over $50,000, logically higher than for the last model.


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