2018 BMW Pickup Truck Rumors and Predictions


Miracles are possible and even the luxuries car model can become a truck, which is exactly what is happened with the 2018 BMW Pickup Truck. If we saw the announced information about the new Tesla truck car, it is not strange to see something similar from the BMW, a brand usually connected with the elegant and fast sedans. However, as the manufacturer promised, it will be made as unibody model, with extra towing space and great engine performances. Of course, BMW has not forgotten their buyers so there will be presented a touch of luxury and comfort in the cabin of this truck.


It is hard to predict which platform BMW used in making the new 2018 BMW Pickup Truck, due to many different options in the past. If new BMW uses Z5 platform, kindly shared with Toyota Supra and Hilux, we cannot confirm that it will happen with the truck model. It is more likely that BMW will use the X5 platform, which is a better option for the trucks. This amazing machine has a recognizable front end, with gridded two grills and thin LED front lights, slightly rounded to follow the line of the hood. An interesting solution for fog lights puts them just below the front lights’ inside corner. The truck is large and capable of towing the heaviest cargo, with no many details in rear lights and truck door.


The inside of 2018 BMW Truck Pickup is as luxury as we expected from BMW car, an achievement with the leather on the seats, dash and steering wheel and chromatic details. The slightly rounded dashboard is decorated with chromatic lines, and thin and approachable commands, while there is a large touchscreen on the top with the commands of the modern high-tech devices. Just some of the equipment parts are iPad touchscreen, iDrive controller system, and classic analog gauge cluster.


It is highly expected that new 2018 BMW Pickup Truck will have the same engine as currently X5 models, and that would be the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine in the basic model. This engine produces 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque, with the time for increasing the speed to 60 mph of only 6.1 seconds. There is planned a diesel version as well as a hybrid option, which is a wise decision if we know that Tesla has prepared the same truck for the years to come.

2018 BMW Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

There are many details which put 2018 BMW Pickup Truck in the same class with the Mercedes cars, and the basic price of $57,000 surely pushes this truck up on the list of the luxury and exclusive cars. Time will show if it is luxury enough for buyers of these models.


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