2018 BMW M9


2018 BMW M9 will represent how this popular and successful manufacturer combined strong engine with lightweight materials, aerodynamic shape of the car that has to be attractive and modern in same time and improvements in equipment that usually come with models like this. This car should be a first in a line of the supercars that BMW is planning to start, and as we saw so far, they have prepared very seriously for that. So, do not expect the same design and equipment as on past models, this should be the main competitor to the great models in the high class of supercars we have on the market nowadays.

This article is not confirmed, it's based on a rumor.


2018 BMW M9 is made of a combination of materials proven as great for losing of extra weight in chassis. Mostly made of fiber car is lightweight, but also perfectly shaped and designed to be attractive. The front end is, like on many fast and supercars, longer than the rear end, and rounded, so the hood is actually much longer than it looks like at first glance. Below it is rounded wide mesh grille with modernly designed rear lights. The bumper is wide and literally lies on the ground, and has a wide air intake in the middle. The rear end is, on the other hand, very short, has also lowered rear bumper and modern lights. The car has large 20-inch tires.


As many cars made for speed and fast driving, 2018 BMW M9 has a small and quiet cabin, with comfortable and large seats. It is also made of high-quality materials, mostly of fiber in a combination of leather on the seats. There is also high-quality technology, a special audio system which is BMW cars known to and things to make driving and using of the car easier, like adjustable functions of the seats and phone charger. Some fans could notice similarities with Acura in design and equipment of the cabin.


As far we know, 2018 BMW M9 should be equipped with strong 3.2-liter 6-inline twin-turbocharged engine in combination with an electric unit. Those two should have 500 horsepower of strength, which is more than acceptable for the supercar. But that is not all. As the manufacturer promised, this car should have fuel economy around 18-20 mpg, and that is unbelievable for strong cars like this is. Thanks to that, we can put this model in the same line with many great models like Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Mercedes-Benz CL, and Audi Coupe 8.

2018 BMW M9 Release Date and Price

Although the manufacturer hopes in the high success of 2018 BMW M9, it released it when Audi showed their R8 model. That could be tricky, but time will say if that was a clever step. However, for the price of $300,000 you can be an owner of this model, too.


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