2018 BMW M5 First Look

2018 BMW M5

The movie trailer for new “Needs for speed” has shown 2018 BMW M5 closer and more precisely than any other description we found by now. It confirmed things we knew before but also complemented them with some details we did not know that they are ever planned. If you remember, we had spy photos from test driving, when many details were not visible, covered with thick layer of protection. We were sure in the front end, spoiler and rear end shape, and according to this trailer, that was very precisely noticed details. We also were sure in shape of the car and its size, which is confirmed now.



According to the trailer and look at the car, we are sure now that 2018 BMW M5 belongs to 5-serie of the BMWs, more than 3, 4 or 7. Even we expected something close to popular models from 7-series that did not happen with this model. The front end, with a large air intake in the middle, has maybe little old fashioned square lights, with thin grille between them. High bumper has also two intakes in the bottom, with massive protection on it, recognizable on every sports car. The rear end kept high and wide spoiler on the truck door, with large rear lights and curved lines. As many sporty cars, this BMW is almost glued to the ground, thanks to additions on the bottom of the car.


The movie trailer has not shown any detail about the inside of 2018 BMW M5, but those things are not much important for now. However, we expect the high class in equipment and materials used inside of the car.
2018 BMW M5


The expectably strong engine is under the hood of 2018 BMW M5, as confirmation that this is a car made for speed lovers. That is 4.4-liter V8 with amazingly 600 horsepower of strength. Not only that car will be offered as both M XDrive all-wheel and rear wheel drive system, it will be possible to change only with a button in the cabin. Even though we are not sure in other engine performances, top speed, increasing time and fuel economy, we are sure that all of them are great, knowing that this model is part of the franchise for famous movie, popular among speed adductors.

2018 BMW M5

At the end of the year, precisely, at November 10 we will be able to order and buy 2018 BMW M5, so be patient and wait for that date. You have a trailer to watch and admire this car until then.


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