2018 Acura RDX – Are we getting release date?

2018 Acura RDX

The new 2018 Acura RDX should continue with the amazing selling started with the last models, and especially with the first model in this class, MDX one. The surprisingly high number of sold models in the first year of selling, 2006 has been doubled after 10 years, so this new Acura has to fight with the number of more than 50,000 models sold in last year. According to some changes in design, engine power and equipment, there are high chances that it could aim those prognoses. Be prepared for a lot of rumors, though, because there is no clear information about this model by now.


2018 Acura RDX
As the opposite of the current model, 2018 Acura RDX should have a new platform, more rigid that previous one, but with the possibly updated NVH, built-in lower than on the current model. That is important because that also means lower noise and jumping on off-road driving, which should be well paired with the all-wheel driving system, also planned for this car. According to some rumors, Acura has many flaws on the last model, which manufacturer has been aware of, so those should be changed and redesigned in this new model. Thanks to the new design, it will be not only modern and more attractive, but also should provide better driving and control on the road.


2018 Acura RDX
If we believe in rumors, 2018 Acura RDX should be a seven-seat crossover, with highly modern equipment and luxury designed cabin. This is actually all information we have by now, so be patient and wait for the new ones which suppose to be shared very soon. Changes in the chassis and outside design promise comfort and stability inside of the cabin, together with the enjoyment and relaxing without noise and unpleasantness.

2018 Acura RDX Engine

2018 Acura RDX
There are many rumors about the engine in 2018 Acura RDX. All say that new model will have different engine option than the last model, meaning that we should expect a hybrid engine. That should be 2.0-liter with an electric engine, which together can send 350 horsepower. If our predictions and rumors are not true, we could expect the same 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine currently used on the models made for Chinese market. In that case, be prepared for the six-speed automatic transmission, as on the current model.

2018 Acura RDX Price

Before we share the expected price of 2018 Acura RDX, we must repeat that all of this information is still not confirmed by official sources. If our information is true, new Acura will cost around $36,000 and we should expect it somewhere at the beginning of 2018. Stay with us for the new information!


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