2017 Toyota FT-1 Coming to 2017 Tokyo Auto Show


Following news that Toyota was going to bring Toyota FT-1 again for 2017, the market was left bristling with excitement. For the few days now, there are many announcements that Toyota will bring 2017 Toyota FT-1 concept and many more to Tokyo auto show this year. To really give you a glimpse of what the 2017 FT-1 means to the industry and car lovers around the world, here is a little bit about this futuristic car technology.

Exterior Design

The outside is probably going to be the main highlight of the entire design. Form what we have seen so far, the company is presenting us with a low-slung sporty car coupled with aggressive and streamlined features. Right at the front bumper, there are going to be 2 intakes with ventilation fans and 2 exhaust pipes. To help with the aerodynamics, the back with come fully equipped with a rear wing. At the end, it is amazing how the designers managed to strike both sportiness and elegance.

Interior Design

From pictures that we have managed to see so far, the inside is one part that will lure many people into buying the new 2017 Toyota FT-1. It is a 2-seater with upscale upholstery and bucket style seats. As if that is not even enough, it is amazing how the designer made the inside stiff and fully equipped with a number of features; a touch screen and an intuitive dashboard are a few of the things drivers are going to net while in the inside.

Engine And Performance

Although there is no official information on what will power this car, there is a very strong indication that this car will be fitted with a 2.5 Liter turbocharged V6, or V8 hybrid power train capable of generating up to 450Hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. Talk of speed and performance and this car probably comes with them all; it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds with a top speed of up to 180 mph. It is just amazing

2017 Toyota FT-1 Price and Release Date

Although, the company has been silent on this, if we are to believe what is going round, this sporty car is expected to be released towards the end of 2017, when they show it on Tokyo Auto Show. For those who can wait to get their hands of this car,definitely, you will have to dig dipper into your pockets; the new 2017 Toyota FT-1 is expected to cost around $100,000.


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