2017 Skoda Element Concept

2017 Skoda Element

If you are interested in new technology, futuristic design and natural resolutions for everyday problems, 2017 Skoda Element Concept is maybe a car for you. One more interesting thing about it is that it is not made in factory or designer’s table, this interesting car is made by students in popular Skoda Vocational School, and it is the fourth car comes out from that school by now. That means a lot of futuristic resolutions, technology never used in a car by now and surely many interesting details on the car, and technology which protects the natural environment.
2017 Skoda Element


2017 Skoda Element Concept is a perfect car for hot temperatures and summer with friends (assuming that it will be mostly used by young people). It has no doors, so you will simply slip on the seat. With 3,597 mm in length and 1,641 mm in width, it is a small car, just like a classic open buggy. The ground clearance is only 60 mm, but it is a perfect small car for everyday driving and not high speeds. On the other hand, this car has average 16 inches wheels, LED technology in front and rear lights, aluminum plate strips and modern yellow-grin color, so it has all elements to be recognized as average car on the roads.
2017 Skoda Element


If you felt that 2017 Skoda Element Concept is made when a couple of students played with a drawing board, you are wrong. That misconception should be removed by black leather on the seats, touchscreen over the dashboard, like the floating TV screen with all needed information and numerous devices used in most popular car brands by now. Some of them are a Bluetooth connection, navigation system (displayed on mentioned floating screen), smart TV on the back of front seats and all are powered with solar panel built-in on the roof. The powerful 400w battery runs two powerful speakers.
2017 Skoda Element


It is obvious that 2017 Skoda Element Concept cannot use any other engine than electric, powered by electricity. Students in Skoda school have mounted electric engine with 82 horsepower, strong enough for city driving. According to the manufacturer, it has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 18,7kWh, which is strong enough to reach 100 mph of maximum speed. It will, of course, depend on driving style, payload, and route profile, but it is also a great number for this size car.

2017 Skoda Element

We are not sure in price for 2017 Skoda Element Concept and other details, but as we saw on their official site, there will be a couple of trims with different purposes.


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